Other Ways to Create Electricity

Think. Do we need to burn carbon fuels in order to have electricity to create light in our homes or provide assisted transportation, such as cars, trains, etc..  ? The ever elusive 'they', those who study science, say we have the technology today to switch over and totally eliminate the need for coal and oil.

Why donít we listen to them? The obvious answer is it would take profits away from the old energy source investors who finance universities, some governments, many media outlets and most political campaigns.

Leaders in the United States and China may be wed to this coal school thinking, but many in other countries are not.   And, within our own borders there are some brilliant people leading the way and guiding us toward kicking our addiction to burning away the earth.

The reason the fossil fuel extracting companies are calling in their chips so fast with the current US administration is because their scientists are telling them the truth. Alternatives to their fuels are not just a future dream. They are here today and they are going to give any country who accepts the new technologies an advantage over the slow countries who do not.

"..new technologies give Europe a new option to combat climate change and increase energy security while strengthening the competitiveness of the European industrial sector and creating jobs and growth," - EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs.

In the U.S., during the oil embargo of the 70ís, there was a physicist who proposed that we look to science and ask our great thinkers to propose alternatives to our existing approach to creating energy. This Phd was ridiculed and elected out of office by a successor who was funded by coal and oil money. This visionary, the most technologically educated president in US history, was a peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter. Had he been kept just four more years we would likely not be in such peril.   That was not intended as a political statement. It was just an observation, as is:   There is no need to ravage the earth when the earth offers to share so much. So, what are the alternatives?

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The Gravity section also has a discussion of combining the above sources, as well as an introduction to hydrogen production.

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