Pumped-Storage Hydroelectricity

Building two lakes is not the only way to create a pumped storage project.

One of the world’s biggest electric “batteries” at Ludington, Michigan can provide energy at a moment’s notice. Its ability lies in its 27-billion gallon reservoir and a set of six turbines that drive electric generators. Those same turbines double as giant water pumps to fill the reservoir with water from Lake Michigan. At night, when electric demand is low, Ludington’s reversible turbines pump water just 363 feet uphill from Lake Michigan. The plant contributes directly to local governments about $10 million in annual property taxes. Revenue from plant operations, maintenance and overhauls also contribute significant sums to the local economy. Local residents still refer to the plant as “The Project”. The plant can generate up to 1,872 megawatts — enough electricity to serve a community of 1.4 million residential customers.

In the image below, a plant in Japan uses sea water.

Rivers can be tapped.

Very Simple Diagram.

As long as we have gravity and water, the electricity will flow.

Written and compiled by Agust Gudmundsson
at the requst of PatchWork Films.
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