Printing Preferences

I and I Commander has a sophisticated link between your data and Letters / Notices. There are a variety of ways to set up the program for letter printing and archiving.

The first section is Printing / Viewing:

Word EXE: If you plan on using Microsoft Word then you need to locate your Word Program. When this module is launched it attempts to locate Word for you. You can confirm the location, navigate out and find Word somewhere else by clicking the [ .. ] button to the right of the field, or leave it as is.

Default Printer: Same rules apply as to Word. The program will attempt to determine your default printer.

The next section may appear daunting at first. Most likely you will keep the program defaults. In the first four boxes you toggle by using the spacebar.

The program is designed to create archives of each letter in the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
You can decide whether you want to Print using Word (DOC) or Acrobat (PDF)
If you chose DOC then you can control how the document is printed.

Show: Do you want Word to print silently, or do you want the application to launch. Options are:

You can decide whether you want to Open / View the letter using Word (DOC) or Acrobat (PDF) and decide if you will use CMD, API or WBA.

The last three items in this section are:


Local PDF Folder: After the letter is printed it is converted to PDF. This conversion needs a temporary location on your computer, before it is copied out to the archive server.

Archive Folder: This is not editable here. It is for your information. The archive folder is set by an administrative tool. ( A_Archives.exe )

Path to Adobe: This is the location of your Reader, not Professional or Distiller.

Doc to Pdf Conversion:

Converter: The name of the executable. This is typically GhostScript, a free converter for those who do not have Adobe Professional.
Path to Converter: Where is GhostScript.
Optional Parameters: Usually leave blank.

Use Distiller: If you have Adobe Professional you will want to check this box.
Distiller Folder: Where is the Distiller Program?
Distiller Command: This is the executable file name followed by allowed parameters.

Post Script Printer Driver: Whether you use GhostScript or Adobe you will need to have installed a Post Script Printer Driver. The generic driver is jointly published by Microsoft and Adobe and it is free.

Click the Save button to save your changes. Clicking the Close button exits the screen without saving any of your changes.

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