Security Settings

It is very important that you set rules for Role Based Security before allowing users to access the system. With this function you can controll who has access to program features, such as changing the preferences or look up tables. This function also allows you to control which users are allowed to enter, edit or delete certain information. You can even set up a user group that can only view information and not change anything or print anything. Useful for elected officials.

Since it is possible for the person in charge of security to leave your employ this function is delivered as a stand-alone executable that has no required password. Considering the above, it is advised that this module (Security.exe) only be installed on the administrator's computer.

From the Security module you will also Setup Users, User Groups and Role Based Permissions.

The button at the bottom right [ Lock Down System ] should only be used if you are deploying a database modification and have been instructed by technical support to lock the system. When you lock the system you will need to provide a message to the users.

Enter the message and click [ Lock ]

When the system is locked, anyone attempting to use VikingWorks modules will get your message:

If the system is locked the text on the [ Lock Down System ] button is changed to [ Unlock System ] Press the button once again to unlock the system.

Prior to locking you can see if anyone is currently logged in.

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