Inflow and Infiltration Overview

Program Flow

Address Database (Base File)

Every square foot of property creates runoff. The actual number is: Each inch of rain drops .6 gallons of water per square foot of ground. So, by the time you have completed your task of initial I and I inspections you will have a record of every known property within your jurisdiction.

Ideally the Base File will contain every parcel in your jurisdiction. However, you may simply add addresses as you conduct inspections and your Base File will grow as you progress in the process of your I / I monitoring.

Here is a snap shot of the Base File. At minimum you will only need the address. But, for the purpose of communicating with both the occupant and the owner, the Base File allows for up to three (3) different addresses. Home, Business and Alternative (absentee owner) mailing addresses, phone numbers and email information.

For most of your residential properties you will only need the home address. This information is applied when you have an owner / resident. Even with that situation you may gather work information on the owner, so that you can contact them during the day if needed. If the location is a place of business then you certainly will need to gather and enter the address information on the business. Plus you may want to hold the business owner's personal (home) address and contact information, as well. The alternative address is typically used to store the contact information of an absentee landowner. Example: You may have Mutt's Pet Shop as the address for tracking I and I. You may also have the store's owner listed at a different residential address*. And you may have the building owned by John Doe in another town.

*Keep in mind that since I and I is tracked by address, if you have a business owner who also lives in your jurisdiction you will need a separate record for each the business and the home.

Base File NOTE: You can pre-populate your Base File from an existing database. VikingWorks can import information from your water billing, property tax or other data tables you have available. Jurisdictions experiencing rapid growth or change may want to consider asking VW to create a link to the database you are currently using that always has the most up-to-date information.

I/I Overlay

Over (or attached to, to be more precise) each address is a layer of information related to Inflow and Infiltration. There are four (4) panes or Tabs that help you track this information.

The first is the Property History Tab. This contains the compilation of all Inspections and Violations.

The next tab is the Building Information Tab. This stores information such as

The third tab is where the work is done.

Additional Information

The fourth tab is a repository for Letters or Notices sent to the constituent.

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