Linking to Dye Tests

Called from the Inspection Screen

To link a Dye Test to an Inspection click on the [ i-Test ] button located just under the right hand side of the Notes field.

If there are no Tests entered for the Inspection you are on the next screen will be skipped. If there is / are existing Test(s) you will bee the selection screen below.

The column above, I-ID relates to the Inspection Number. To view or edit and existing Test select the test, by clicking on it in the grid and then click [Select Existing Dye Test]. Notes: This form shows you any and all Dye Tests associated with this address. If you select a test that was linked to a different inspection you will be able to view the test, but not alter the information. You will see a message like this:

If needed you can [Schedule a New Dye Test based on this Inspection]

The Inspection Linked Dye Test Form.

The fields.

Test Number: This is a computer generated tracking number. Not editable.

Scheduled Date: Required. Date you have arranged with the property owner to conduct the test.

Time: Recommended. The time of day your inspector should arrive at the property.

Test Date: Date the test was peformed.

Result Action Taken: This can be blank. The default values are Fixed, Repair Ordered, Needs Govt Action. Additional choices can be entered through the program Administrative Functions.

Notes Prior to Test: Enter information gathered from the initial inspection or conversation with owner, that prompted the need for a test.

Notes Resulting from Test: What was discovered from this test.

Linked to Inspection : Since you came to this screen via an Inspection form then this button is not enabled. The Test is already Linked. The Inspection number is displayed to the right and there is a button Remove Link This button is disabled here See the Note below for instructions on how to remove a link. Also some of the details of the inspection will be shown on the screen under the buttons.

NOTE: The Remove Link button can be activated by entering the Dye Test from the Additional Information Tab - Dye Testing.

Link to Violation. Once the Dye Test is linked to an Inspection you can link relevant Violations, from that Inspection to the Dye Test.

Click that button and you have a choice to Create a New Violation or to Link to an Existing Violation.

Existing Violation If you select Existing then you can pick from a list of violations that have been entered for the linked Inspection.

New Violation If you select New Violation then a list of available (and previously linked) inspections will pop up.

To add violations click on the available violation type in the left box and then click the right arrow button to move it to the box on the right. To un-do a selection click on the violation type in the right box and click the left arrow button to send it back to the 'Available' box. Click the Accept button to confirm your additions.

This action, New, not only adds the violations to the Test screen it also adds them to the Inspection. So when you pull up the inspection that is linked to the test the violations will already be entered in the grid below the Inspection.

Click these to add the notes from the test to the Inspection and / or Violation forms. This is not necessary because you will likely print out a dye test work order when you print the inspection work order. However, allowing this to be copied will bring the information together on the one main inspection form and work order. Keep in mind that each of the notes fields has a maximum of 1,000 total characters that you may enter. Also, if this test is linked to an Inspection, both notes can be added to the notes field in the Inspection form. The Inspection form notes field has a 1,000 character limit, so you may want to keep that in mind. If this test is linked directly to a Violation then the notes will be split between the two forms. The Notes Prior will go to the Inspection form and the Notes Resulting will go to the notes field in the Violation form. See the section below, Merging or Replacing Notes, on how this information is transferred.

Merging or Replacing Notes:

If you select the option [ Replace the notes, between [DT- and dt] ] then the resulting notes in the violation form will be:

There is water going into the sewer. [DT: Tst: 02/09/08. These are the More Updated notes based on the test results. -dt]

If you select the second option [ Add new.. ] the resulting notes will be:

There is water going into the sewer. [DT: Tst: 02/09/08. These are the notes based on the test results. -dt] [DT: Tst: 02/09/08. These are the More Updated notes based on the test results. -dt]

To link a Dye Test to a specific Violation look for the [ v-Test ] button at the bottom of the Inspection Screen.

Click the [ v-Test ] Button and you will get the following dialogue:

If there are no tests associated with the violation you chose then you will see:

The Dye Test Form already, now, has the violation type entered. See the lower right.

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