Imagine managing a web site with the ease of writing a letter. That is what Penta Paradise Pro lets you do. The Paradise web site is undergoing major revisions. When it is complete this page will provide a link to the site. If you want to be alerted when it launches, just send us your contact information using This Form. Here is a brief list of some of the powerful, yet easy to use features of Penta Paradise:
Collection Manager
Page Manager
Link Manager
Volunteer Page
Events and Activities
Feedback Page
  Content Manager
Site Manager
Menu Maker
Policy Page
Kids Page
Donor Page
Photo Galleries

The Event Center is a compuer program that helps manage facilites that are rented by an organization. The West Virginia State Fair uses it to manage the rental of the buildings on the fair grounds, during non-fair months. Penta keeps track of customers contact information. It creates Contracts, Confirmation Letters and Invoices. Penta monitors what buildings and rooms are being rented when and it even tracks material usage, such as rental of chairs, tables, stages, etc. Other functions are reporting, such as how much revenue is each facility brining in each month. The program creates an internal calendar that lists all events (including private functions) and it creates a public version of the calendar to publish on your web site. Take a peek at this sample calendar page.

The demonstration site for this product is still in the planning stages. If you want to be alerted when it launches, just send us your contact information using This Form.

ArtSafeKeeper is for Art Gallery Web Sites, Newspapers, Architects, handlers of sensitive information.. anyone who has an image they want to protect for copyright or other reasons.

How many of your prints were stolen from your web site just this month? They are hanging, in frames, on walls in peoples homes, being sold at malls and used as postcards on electronic greeting sites. As soon as you put your images on the Internet, you gave them away. Stop theft and start making money now.

If your product is good, your prices are reasonable and if the web surfer can't get your image any other way, they will pay you for your prints.

Making that possible is what ArtSafeKeeper is all about. Whether it is a print of a photograph, painting, sculptured art, architectural renderings or electronic concept creations, you want to show the world how good your works are without the fear of people taking your work. Well, fear not. ArtSafeKeeper (ASK) is here.

BJ Gudmundsson, winner of the 2005 WV FILMMAKER OF THE YEAR AWARD is the lead Director / Producer at PatchWork Films. All of her films will touch you. These are stories that you will want in your collection and to give to your friends.

Her film "Out of the Storm" is playing the entire month of December 2005 at the Harvard University Fisher Musem of Forestry.

Winner of the 2005 Documentary of the Year " -30- Cal Price and the Pocahontas Times " and other films, including:

"Mountain Mourning" - Mountains don't grow back.
"He Went About Doing Good" - Carl Renick
"Standing on Holy Ground"- Patricia Jarvis
"An Evening With Cal Price"
"Out of the Storm"
"Greenbrier On Parade", Volumes I - III
      "Sleigh Ride"
      "William Dysard - Living Son of a Conferate Soldier"
      "Dr. Roland Sharp and the O-School"
"The Lilly Brothers"

Are found at the Web Site.

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