Professional Web Site
Designed, Launched and Ready to Roll $360.00*

Price includes:
  1. Creation of a Design Theme based on your business.
  2. Adaptation of your logo for the Web.
  3. Up to Five (5) web pages on your site.
  4. Up to Five (5) Photographs scanned and included on your site.
  5. Up to five (5) Email Addresses.
  6. Visitor Contact (for more information) Form.
  7. Search Engine Optimization (so people can find you)

Small print. Once a web site is designed it must be loaded up to a web hosting service so that people can get to your site on the internet. Your first year of hosting is included in our package deal. After the first year our hosting service charges $12 per month, billed every three months. There will be a quarterly charge of $36. You can save by paying for the full year, in advance for $120.

(A) If you presently have a theme on your brochures or signage we will attempt to capture that look and feel.

(B) If you have a printed logo we will scan it and optimize the image so that it loads fast on the web, and that image will be incorporated into your theme throughout the web site. If you do not have a logo, we can create one for a small fee.

(C) Each page presents a specific category. Example:

  1. Welcome Home Page
  2. About Us (w/directions, hours, etc.)
  3. Products Services
  4. Specific Offer (menus, listings, etc.)
  5. Other miscellaneous information.

(D) Photo scanning, resizing and optimizing for the web. Includes five photos. Additional scans are $12 each. We can also work with your existing image files.

(E) Email accounts include spam blocker and anti-virus. Most people already have a personal email account. We can set your site up so that is forwarded to your existing email account.

(F) The contact form is not counted toward the 5 pages included with the package. This is a web form that gathers people’s name, contact information, comments and items of interests. The information from the form is sent to you in an email.

(G) We will advise you on how to select Keywords and a Site Description so that search engines can find your site. We will insert that information into each page of your site to that goal.

TERMS: We ask for around half of the fee, or $180.00, up front. The remaining $180.00 is due upon completion and approval of the site. The site will be loaded to a temporary location and, once the design has been approved by you and the final payment made to us, your web site will be launched to the public.

ADDITIONAL WORK: Once your site is launched we can still make changes and additions. Our fees for this work is: $30.00 to change existing pages (depending on the scope of the work involved) and $60.00 to create a new page. This includes linking the new page to all the other pages on your site.

EXTRA: If you prefer to manage the changes on your site yourself we can provide you with a template, of the site we design for you, that can be used with the easy-to-use website publishing program "New View".

* This Offer may expire. Call for more details.

Some of our customers, large and small:

  • State Fair of West Virginia
  • The Loft Liquor and Wine Shoppe
  • OurTown Software (owned by Larry Wilcox, star of the TV show CHIPS)
  • Battle of Lewisburg
  • All four Pocahontas County Libraries
  • Our Place In Time, The City of Lewisburg Living History Project
  • Bellwood Creations - Arts and Crafts
  • West Virginia Filmmakers Guild
  • Patchwork Films

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